15 Circuit Customizable Extreme Off-Road Harness

Painless Performance Customizable Harness Painless Performance Customizable Harness
  • Year: Universal
  • Make: Universal
  • Model: Universal
  • Engine: Carbureted or Any Stand Alone Fuel Injection
  • Trans: Any

This harness is formerly known as our 10 circuit kit. Click here to read about the recent changes.

Wire a rock crawler, or even a basic off road vehicle with this 15 circuit extreme off road harness. Designed around our custom 10 fuse/4 relay weatherproof fuse block this harness provides all the wiring and amperage handling any off road vehicle could need. This completely customizable harness provides 10 fuses, two 40 Amp relays perfect for operating an electric cooling fan or fuel injection harness; and two 20 Amp relays perfect for operating lights, electric fuel pump or water pump. Parts kit includes heat-shrinkable crimp terminals, maxi-fuse, circuit breakers, zip ties, junction block and fuse block mounting bracket.

  • Number of Circuits: 10 Fuses w/ Two 40 Amp & Two 20 Amp Relays
  • Harness Length: Universal
  • Fuse Type: Mini Blade
  • Firewall Passthrough: Grommet
  • Color Code Based: Universal
  • Circuit Designations: Printed on Wires

This harness includes circuits for:
Accessory Relay #1
Accessory Relay #2
Accessory Relay #3
Accessory Relay #4
Fuse 1
Fuse 2
Fuse 3
Fuse 4
Fuse 5
Fuse 6
Fuse 7
Fuse 8
Fuse 9
Fuse 10
Fused Power Source

Two 30 Amp ATC Fuses
Four 20 Amp ATC Fuses
Four 15 Amp ATC Fuses
Four 10 Amp ATC Fuses
Two 5 Amp ATC Fuses
Two 40 Amp Relays
Two 20 Amp Relays
70 Amp Maxi Fuse

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