28 Circuit Classic-Plus Customizable Chassis Harness - GM Keyed Column

Painless Performance 28 Circuit Classic-Plus Customizable Chassis Harness - GM Keyed Column Painless Performance 28 Circuit Classic-Plus Customizable Chassis Harness - GM Keyed Column
  • Year: Universal
  • Make: Universal
  • Model: Universal
  • Engine: Carbureted or Any Stand Alone Fuel Injection
  • Trans: Any

This harness is formerly known as our 18 circuit kit. Click here to read about the recent changes.

This 28 circuit kit includes most all the power accessory circuits you have been looking to add to your vehicle. The versatility of this harness will allow it to be easily adapted to almost any vehicle. This kit comes with the GM column mounted ignition switch connectors. Included with this harness are the following parts; a GM engineered fuse block & Painless mounting bracket; GM turn signal connectors; prewired plugs for the headlights & dimmer switch; and each wire is custom printed with the circuit identification as well as using GM color codes for easy installation.

  • Number of Circuits: 28 Circuits - 18 Fuses w/ Horn Relay & Maxi Fuse
  • Harness Length: Universal
  • Fuse Type: Blade & Maxi Fuse
  • Firewall Passthrough: Grommet
  • Color Code Based: GM
  • Circuit Designations: Printed on wires

  • Connectors Included:

    GM Steering Column Turn Switch and Ignition Switch, Dimmer Switch, Two Headlight Pigtails, 10SI & 12 SI Alternator, HEI Power and Tach and 20 Extra 56 Series Terminals for use with any Factory GM 56 Series Connector such as Headlight Switch, Wiper Switch or A/C Switch/Blower Motor

This harness includes circuits for:
A/C & Heat
Accessory / Cigarette Lighter
Accessory / Trunk Light
Backup Lights
Brake Lights
Cruise Control
Dome Light
Electric Choke
Electric Fuel Pump
Emergency Flashers
Fan Relay Activation Power
Fused Power Source
Horn (Relay)
Ignition Coil
Instrument Panel Lighting and Gauges*
Park Lights
Power Antenna
Power Door Locks
Power Windows
Radio/Clock (Constant and Switched)*
Tail Lights
Third Brake Light
Turn Signals

* Including Wires For: Fuel Gauge, Oil Gauge, Speakers, Tachometer, Temperature Gauge, Voltmeter

I installed the 10201 chassis harness into my 1986 pontiac trans am. Fit to the column plugs was perfect, and all of the circuits gave me plenty of adjustability to wire up every power option in the car. Harness is excellent quality, and the wire length was plenty long enough to do everything I needed it to do. 4 years later and everything still works exactly as it should. Very happy with the product, and would use another in a heartbeat! - Robert Spremulli, 10/25/2015

ive recently bought the painless striker 2 module for my 6.0 f250 and is very very impressed alot more power and saved 2.5-3 mpg very happy with product thanks painless! - clayton, 4/11/2010

pretty good deal I've used this harness on my 79 amc jeep cherokee - garrett smith, 4/7/2010

2nd install personally with no problems. Both times through Summit. - Mike Ledogar, 11/5/2009

Easy to follow instructions, quality product. - Brad Brandt, 9/8/2009

I bought and installed your 10201 18-Circuit Universal keyed harness and installed it smoothly. Now I have just bought your Part# 60109 700R4 Transmission Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit. And i was just wondering where the best place on my harness would be to "wire to a 20AMP ingition source". I aslo have another accessory that requires a 20AMP ingition source can i wire them both to the same source or must it be different. I dont want to overload anything. If you can provide 1 or 2 locations to splice it would help greatly. Thank You. P.S- Your products are fantastic please keep up the good work! - Adam Freed, 1/7/2009

I own three El Caminos in various states of work. When researching parts needed for my 80 SS El Camino Project (Crystal Blue Persuasion) I fought with the idea of installing the chopped up harness back in it that came out of it. I'd heard some about Painless but never really gave it much interest. I wanted a Factory fit as much as possible and nothing was out there for an El Camino. So in restification fashion, I decided to see what other choices I had. I was finally led to Painless Performance's Web site. I chose the 18 Circuit Harness keyed for the GM column. It seemed to have what I was looking for but it wasn't specific to my Elky. I fretted over the choice a lot. I noticed that Painless was a "Home Town" manufacturer, my home town. Sad as it may be to say, that was the deciding factor! I figured if all else failed I may be able to contact Painless easier than most being it's right here in my back yard. I've been working on my 8 SS project for about 5 years now. I've had to stop from time to time to handle other of life's little issues but it's coming along. 2007 will mark the end of the 80 SS project finally. I've managed to collect all the toys and get most everything done necessary and now I'm pretty much free to just dedicate time to my 80 Elky and complete that project. Painless is a big part of that! I've noticed a lot of new products I will be able to use instead of making up my own wiring. The Halogen Head-light harness pack will suit my lighting, I'm upgrading my lights to halogen the 6 pack relay bank will come in very handy for my bed lid and tail gate lifts, and some other necessities and upgrades. The Battery Cable kits will keep me from making my own cables for relocating my battery into the bed buddy I'm making for my Elky. Most anything I need is pre-made now by Painless and that is cool and saves me time. I'll still need to make up some of the custom harnesses but the bulk of my wiring is all taken care of using the items Painless has in their catalog. - Vernon Engstrom, 11/28/2006

Greetings Painless: Just finished installing your 18 circuit GM keyed wiring kit (with ground kit) in my 409 powered 1931 Ford highboy coupe. Great product, simple to install with enclosed instructions. The one question I had regarding the GM 700R lock-up kit was answered quickly with a faxed wiring diagram. Wonderful company to deal with. I will definetly use Painless on my next 2 projects (a totally restored 1964 Chev SS 409/425HP 4 speed and a blown 502 GM powered 1941 Willys coupe) - William A. Robbins, 5/7/2006

The Muscle Car Harness for my 1969 Chevy Chevelle Malibu was easy to install. There was plenty of wire length. Everything works great. Thanks for a great product. - Robert Weston, 8/19/2005

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