Track Rocker Pro System - Coming Soon!

Painless Performance Track Rocker Pro System Painless Performance Track Rocker Pro System

Introducing the all new Track Rocker Accessory Control line from Painless, allowing you to control up to eight accessories on your race car! The heart of this kit is enclosed in the convenient and aesthetically pleasing housing that surrounds the power center with eight fuses and diode supressed relays that keep your switches safe. The Pro model features dip switches that allow you to control multiple relays with one switch so you don't forget to power up the important accessories on your race car! Multi-color LED status indicators make trouble shooting your circuits a breeze.

Control up to 8 accessories, (8) 30 amp fuses and (8) 30 amp relays.

Flexible connectivity for fuel pumps, water pumps, and anything else you may wire on your race car.

Includes all high quality TXL wire for accessory outputs.

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